6 Functions Students Need in a Courseware Mobile Application

Mobility and connectivity are some of the advantages gained from doing an online or blended class. Most learning management systems (LMS) and open coursewares come in a flexible, multi-platform application – a webpage and a mobile app. For instance, Moodle sites, Litmos sites, Coursera and alike are all accessible via web and mobile app. PROUDLY! Our University’s moodle site has its own mobile application.

Mobile applications improve the mobility of learning spaces. Moreover, portability are enhanced by having (literally!) much lighter options – like smartphones and tablets. Students could check their smartphones for announcements or class materials. If a teacher forgets to bring the slides, he/she could load it from the mobile app. Moreover, Schools doesn’t need to invest too much on laptops or desktops, as tablets are much cheaper yet sufficient alternatives. All these may be achieved with a good mobile app and a well-designed course.

BUT, What makes a good “learning mobile app”?


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